[Duel Links] Arkana event Vdjmgm

For a limited time (July 20th - 26th♧, Arkana will appear in Duel World! Duel him to obtain exclusive Reward cards!
Arkana drops rarer cards at higher levels!
Raise your stage to duel Arkana at a high level!


  • Arkana will not appear at the Gate.
  • The chance of Arkana appearing is not related to the chance of other Standard or Legendary Duelists appearing.
  • The chance of Arkana appearing is affected bu the use of Duel Orbs/Boosted Duel Orbs.
  • There can only be one Arkana in Duel World at a time.


Dark Magician (Alternative Artwork)
Dark Eradicator Warlock
Anti-Magic Arrows
Mystic Box
Diffusion Wave-Motion
The Stern Mystic
Maniacal Servant
Witch Doctor of Chaos
Thousand Knives
Chosen One