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description[Duel Links] Decks to Farm Marik Lv40

Welcome to the Farm Dark Marik Thread.

To farm him you can either use Unhappy Girl and\or Labyrith Builder decks.

Personally I was testing both, and both do the Job.

For instance I'll share My Labyrith Builder Deck:

(Either Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon  or Master of OZ works for the Extra Deck Spot.)

You get Minimun 7300 Points, WITHOUT Counting Glossy\Pristmatic\ Low LP \ Fusion,Tribute,Ritual Summon.

So to reach 8000 You can Just Add Serket + Temple instead of Summoner and Dimensionhole for example or use Glossy cards Like I did.


descriptionRe: [Duel Links] Decks to Farm Marik Lv40

You can share your decks here.
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