Welcome to Signature of the Week!


- It has to be your work.
- Discussion and CNC aren't allowed.
- You can only enter the competition with 1 artwork per week.
- Once you submit an artwork, you cannot outright change it. However you may make minor edits or acceptability for mistakes.
- For any question, you PM me, you don't post here.
- You PM me with your entry, so that we prevent as much as possible the cheat of those biased people.

How are we going to vote:
- Each person will vote by writing the top 3 arts; in his/her Opinion, are the best. You're obligated to write them down in order, first person gets 3 points, second person gets 2 points, and third person gets 1 point. Please write it like this:

A: 3 points
C: 2 points
B: 1 points

Essentially, vote times and say how many points you are giving.

When does the competition start, and when it ends:
You have until Friday evening GMT+0 to get your art in to me via PM, I will wait as long as possible, probably right before I sleep that night. Voting then is between the end of submissions until Sunday.

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