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descriptionLocal tournament experience

Ok guys, so you know I used to play IRL in Europe and I had a little bit of free time during the summer so I was like what the hell why not its link format let's play some yu gi oh. I bought the most budget option for a viable deck in my opinion ( True Dracos ) and went to a shop in Fordham called "Truly Urban".Before going to a local store see if you have a Konami ID (it was called cossy number not so long ago).

         The place was packed and the event that I attended was a tier 2 YCS qualifier. They gave everybody 3 ots packs for the 12 $ fee which was good and they also had two judges which was nice considering that the tournament consisted of only 12 players. The people in there were mostly friendly and overall I had a good nerdy time. 

         We had 4 rounds of swiss in which I ended up winning 2 and losing 2, which placed me in the top 8 cut (lol top 8 out of 12 gj), where I played the guy that beat me in the first round and I lost to him again. My 3 lost games were all against draco demise (they even both mained domain), and I won against a weird fairy tail/lightsworn/paleozoic/artifacts deck + a vendread lightsworn deck. There was a random deck check that happened in round 3 but the judges took only around 8 minutes to perform it so all was good. So overall it was a good experience.
Decks Breakdown:
1 True Dino (me)
1 Shiranui/Vendread/lightsworn
1 Fairy tail/paleozoic/lightsworn/artifacts
1 Mermail
1 Trickstar
7 True Dracos (some with zoo some pure).

I was totally prepared for the True Draco deck , sided 9 cards every match against them and drew like one each duel and that one card that I managed to get always got popped by diagram -> target heritage/disciples -> search and pop my floodgate. So yeah I might go again next week and test some new cards.Pulled a True Draco Apocalypse super from the OTS and traded it for a super Dogoran If you want my decklist I can post it here for you. 

Wondery OUT.

Edit: Forgot to mention that the place had a feature table match, where the game was streamed on their channel.

https://www.facebook.com/TrulyUrbanGaming/videos/2016405981916128/ <- these two videos are the Vandread person against the fairy tail lightsworn player (both people I defeated mu ha ha)

These are the next rounds : https://www.facebook.com/TrulyUrbanGaming/videos/2016424035247656/

Lost to the person in the blue shirt and I think that he won the whole tournament undefeated so grats to him.

                                                                                                                                                             ~     E .F .S .F  .  E l i t e    ~

descriptionRe: Local tournament experience

last time i played IRL i won which was locals i won.

I am not good or bad but I am in between.  I am not one side I listen to both and there is always two sides to each story.  Just got to open up and not be stupid while listing.

descriptionRe: Local tournament experience

no windwitch invokers? or Windwitch Speedroids? whats yo with that. Windwitch engine is next meta

My Health Potions:

descriptionRe: Local tournament experience

Went this Saturday again! It was a World Championship Celebration event! Got 3rd place out of around 30. 5 round swiss got same points with the 2nd place player but worse tiebreaker. Top 2 got worlds mats (that honestly don't look that good) 

I've pulled a Ultimate Solemn Strike from my participation packs though so I am very happy about that.

I played my True Dinos again and here is how my tournament went:
1st round - won 2-1 vs some lightsworn/zombie/psyframe/fairytail deck. 2nd game didn't draw a single monster and I play 26 (and search spells so lul).
2nd round - lost 0-2 vs Invoked Windwitch. That guy barely beat me the 2nd game I had no babys in my deck to send for Lost World, otherwise I had game, next turn when my dmg wasnt enough he just burned me with the windwitch combo for game( cause I was really low on hp)
3rd round - won 2-1 against Invoked True Draco. The guy misplayed by summoning Masterpeace when I had laggia on board, thinking that he is unaffected. Well sorry buddy - negated summon.
4rd round - won 2-0 against blackwings. One of the games when I just stomped on my opponent. Won both games on 2 turns, I really feel bad for the guy cause he was playing an interesting build and he finished 3-2 with blackwings which is really good. He committed a lot of resources first turn to make a crystal wing with 2 backrows, I Kaiju'd his Crystal wing and twin twittered the backrow gg. (he had black sonic face down I was like wow)
5th round - won 2-1 against ABC. He was playing desires and stuff, we both bricked but my monsters have higher attack for game 1,game 2 I had a dead hand and a Baobaboon so I set it, but he made that rank 4 spider which banishes a monster till my standby phase so I couldnt resolve by baboon, which was enough for him to kill me in two turns. Won the other games by grinding out with laggia and dolkka.

Was fun I made a lame video that was supposed to be a deck profile I will upload it later I guess.

                                                                                                                                                             ~     E .F .S .F  .  E l i t e    ~

descriptionRe: Local tournament experience

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