True Draco Deck

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True Draco Deck

Post by Roach on Sun Aug 06, 2017 10:16 am

Looking for suggestions for my TCG True Draco deck, The Extra deck I never really go into.

3x Dinomight Knight
2x Ignis Heart
2x Master Peace
1x Majesty Maiden

2x Forbidden Chalice
3x True Draco Heritage
3x Diagram
3x Pot of duality
1x Stormfouth
3x Card of demise
3x Dracopheonix
3x Terraforming

3x Forbidden Apoc
3x Apocolypse
3x True King Return
2x Dragon Souls

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Re: True Draco Deck

Post by WondeRy on Sat Aug 19, 2017 9:49 pm

-3 Forbidden Apoc (it is a side deck card)
-2 Dragon Souls (you have 3 diagram and one maiden you dont need the search and you dont want to use the 2nd eff with this deck)

+ solemns 
+ ash and ghost ogres
+ 2 pot of desires

you can remove the extra deck and play 1 domain cuz you have terraforming

you can put a maxx c for the zoo and non meta players

some true dracos play skill drain and just tribute it for summon when they dont need the effect

you can put raigeki in main deck

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