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descriptionTricMagic Charm vs. Jv's ABC

My loss. oh well... Anti spell fragrance stopped The Seventh One from working. GG

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@Linda-Senpai wrote:
God  damn Tric is better than I thought! He's going for a skip day D: if he gets the others to go along with it, I'm utterly fucked. Though in that case, I guess we'll just have to use the Strongman modifier to kill faervel, claim I targeted faer but Mafia saw it coming and killed him, then say I checked how many uses Light has of his ability and say zero (assuming he were to not kill me or you. He's probably going to kill you then get me lynched). I think we lose if Tric's skip day plan goes through lol.

descriptionRe: TricMagic Charm vs. Jv's ABC

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