Hey guys, the biggest gaming tournament The International with a prize pool of the whooping $24,274,966 is on its final stages. It is the most watched event on twitch as well so I was wondering if somebody else is watching it, cause I am every day. If you guys don't know anything about it it is actually the reason why pro-gaming is viable because it was the first major tournament that actually could provide enough income for a whole team of gamers. WCG (World Cyber Games) was the biggest  tournament in the past also revered as the gaming "olympics" but the price of the first international put that tournament to shame! The reason why the price pool is so big is actually the users. Dota 2 is a free game and the only content that you can purchase with money is visual improvements and other items that do not give you a gameplay edge (like skins, music, terrain, announcers and so on). So the money spent from users to purchase such luxury items from the shop got transferred to the price pool of the tournament and this year's price for first place is $10,636,985 which means $2,127,396 for each of the 5 members of the team. That is absolutely crazy and made pro-gaming a viable profession. 

Check out http://www.dota2.com/international/overview/ if you want to learn more and if you know about it who are you rooting for? I am rooting for Team Liquid , since they are an international team that has a Bulgarian player as an offlaner.

The international 2017 [Dota 2] Rbyhmm10
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