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Hello there, my name is Ellwood and I'm a bit of an "older" player, but can easily adapt to the new stuff. I can't wait to try and be as active as possible and play each and everyone of you, even if I lose horribly, I like to still have fun when I play.

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welcome anyways

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Bookingly wrote:
welcome anyways
*kicks boox for his shortness*..."ur the welcoming committee u silly and cute nimrod and ur supposed to be enthusiastic"I tell you as I straighten ur jacket to smoothe out the wrinkles. "Shit posting is usually my job...lul" I admit with disappoint replacing my usual edge.

What he meant to say Mr. Ellwood is....
"Welcome to DA Mr. Ellwood,
it's a pleasure to have u here and I hope u enjoy ur time and journey here(: After all we have a lot of very wonderful and talented duelists here to duel against. Feel free to also join us on the discord app or discord website linked to you below...unless u already have it^^
discord url to sign up or download or do both....u can also get discord on the app store
We have multiple tournaments and also host/play other fun games and with all that being said I hope u have an amazing time here Mr. Ellwood.
-Akira (Pet)^^
yes my real name is Akira IRL and yes I am a pet ^^for those of you who are old enough to know what kink means...u get my general jest and I love my master^

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