Do you like that I am making these bigger?

Edward came to them and led them to an elevator and ladder. The Elevator seems to since they did not open when Edward press the up button on the small panel for it so they went on the ladder and Edward went first.

The ladder is 2 floors long. Each floor is 12ft in height. When they got to the stop the hatch was closed and Edward tried to open it but he could not. He knocks on it loudly.

“Hey just shot it open don’t do that the enemy can throw a grenade down here,” Cameron complained.

“Yeah, you would be right just one thing though. There is a high chance that we are in control of the whole fort.  I am going to take my chances.” Edward responded.

“Sir, are you going to go with this sir?” Cameron asks Rancho.

Just then the hatch opens up. It is a female with red and violet Reaper armor. On their heads, they see her as Commander Lavana.

“Is this the rest of second team more solid?” Lavana asks them.

“Sir, yes sir,” Rancho responded in a kind of a loud voice.

She let them all get out so they did not have to stay there. They all got out

“Sir, I would like to report that we found a tram station just like the one at the other fort on the mission results. The entrance was covered in rubble only the sign remained. I think it may go to the same place, sir.” Edward told Lavana.

“I see. Good job this will help you for your chance to take the arch Genesis test. Cameron your team leader told me what happened during the battle. You threatened to go against orders even threaten to end a fellow soldier life. I will let it go this time but next time you will pay the price for your actions.” Lavana told the group.

“Sir, I understand sir,” Cameron replied.

“Good now go help clean up,” Lavana ordered them and they all left.
Day 37
We go back to the hall where the mysterious Dark hand leader of the planet is at and is sitting on that big throne room chair.  Kyle, Marko, and Tarmac are there with her. It looks like they are going to talk to her.
“With all due respect why send us to the forts if we were just going to be called back? We could have fought for a while. It not like they do not know who we are Fawna.”  Marko ask.

“I just need you to make sure that we got a good amount of soldiers over here. The two majors I do not trust that well. At least we got all of the vehicles and man power that we can. Besides that, after I sent you three a couple days later I found out that the enemy general was waiting to see if you were there and if you where he would come. I could have lost you. I see how it is a waste of time I can admit that now.” Fawna told Marko.

“Are we going to run if things ever get bad as well?” Tarmac asks.

“Yes. Malk told me if we lose this planet to bring at least you three back with me. He would prefer us to come back if we run rather we stay and die. He would be upset still but he would be pleased that at least he has high ranking officers back.” Fawna told them.

“They have not taken all of the forts left. All of them are going to be left undefended tomorrow Morning. What can we do to prepare?” Tyler asks.

“We can still hold defensive potions around the super fort. I will delay them take time to reinforce everything.  The enemy ships in space have not shot at us yet because this super fort is the best form on this planet and they do not want to wreck it like the others. Any attack we try to do now since we will not get any new support if we attack our forces will get destroyed. Also, our planetary shield is too difficult for them to destroy and they are not getting any help it seems.” Fawna responded.
“How about the Genesis Soldiers what do you think they will do?” Marko ask.

“They will come but not that many will fight at first.  Genesis teams that have attack forts and the super base will mostly be used for the big push to help get rid of us. Of course that big would be the final push to finish is not the first one.” Fawna replied to them.

“That is a sound plan for the moment,” Marko said.

“The enemy gathers while we wait to go now and prepare. Dismiss.” Fawna ordered them. Then they left.
Day 45

A large wave of duelist alliance vehicles is heading toward the main super fort. A super fort has one larger fort in the middle and four forts. One for one each corner like a number 5 playing card formation.   They have walls that are between the forts.
They are all driving and flying to it and at high speed. They are leaving sand in the dust. However, for some reason, the sand is picking up and the wind is starting to go faster in terms of speed in a rapid past.

“Command, The wind is picking up for some reason. It gets faster and faster and now…it messing with our driving. It keeps getting hard to drive.” An M1 castor tank driver reported to the General flag ship.

“Have them fall back. She is doing what I thought she might do.”  General Pegasus said on his flag ship.

“Fall back cancel the attack on the super fort to risky to attack. Repeat fall back the attack has been canceled.”  The ship commutation man said.

All of the vehicles stop and proceed to turn around and leave. Good thing too because the winds are starting at high speeds that could tip over the MaDdogs. Mean while back on general Pegasus flagship.

“Tell me to have all Genesis soldiers have been sent to Fort Metalmorph?” General Pegasus asks.

“Sir, Commander Lavana Genesis forces arrived at the Fort a few moments ago which is the last ones. Briefing time is 5 minutes as well if you care to watch sir.” The communication officer said.

“Very well turn it on,” Pegasus replied. A virtual screen appears in front of him showing him the training room.
5 minutes later in Fort Metalmorph training room.  1200 Genesis soldiers are in the room kind of crammed in.  The Fort can hold all of them and it is large than them.  The Fort is deep in Duelist alliance territory. The General does not want the enemy to fight them yet. It would be a miracle, to say the least for the enemy to get to them.

The training room is the size of an auditorium. The walls are dark grayish like a color. The ceiling and the wall are a bit of a bright gray color. There are lights on the ceiling and long skinny ones high on the ceiling.

There is a stage that was made fast. It seems that Canderous is on the stage. He has a Microphone in his hand. He starts to speak.  The troops were silence waiting for him to speak.

“Alright listen up. I am Captain Canderous. I am in charge of all of you for now. We were going to be in an assault on the enemy super fort which is the last strong hold of the Dark Hand forces. If we take control of that then we will pretty much win the battle for this world. However, there is a powerful Sandstorm preventing us from getting over there. We have nothing that can endure the forces of it so we now must wait to attack. We have no clue when it will end. For now, you will train and substance yourself and you will be ready to attack. Battle plans we have made will be further improved.  Dang, they sure like making these mission details are dull at times.” Canderous told them and the laugh a bit later the last sentence.

“You know what Sunday is a free day after morning training sessions. Dismiss “Canderous told them and they cheered. Canderous shut off his Microphone.

Canderous turn around and start to walk off stage before he takes the first step someone says something to him.
“Sir, Why to do that for them, sir,” Lavana ask.

“Well a lot of them like it of course and I want them to be trained well but they need to let loose as well. Life doesn’t have to be serious all of the time. It nice to take it easy once and while.It helps with stress and other things in life.  You can take it easy to for once and a while instead of all of the seriousness 24/7. Try not begging so serious with your guys’ maybe it will help you see a different view in life.” Canderous told her then pats on her on the shoulder. He left the stage and the troops were leaving as well.

Later on, during dinner time people are eating in the mess hall. People are getting food as well. It seems our original 9 soldiers are sitting down near each other. It seems to be potatoes, hams, milk, green beans and angel food.

“We started this in we were on the 12th of March.  It has been 10 months and 15 days so it January 28th in our world. It's new year over there…well it was.” Chase told them.

“To be honest I am surprised we made it this far,” Giovanni responded in a tired voice.

“Well getting powers and advanced training helps. 20 dollars on those things by the way. “Josh said in a chipper tone.

“How long do you wager that sand storm will be there?” Nathan asks them.

“Well, they acted like it was not normal… I mean He did mention free time on Sunday. So I guess it unnatural. It may be some time before we go out I say a few weeks.”  JT responded.

“I think we should remove the tram Cam rubble and go get them,” Jeremy said in a confident voice.

“No, only infantry would probably get run over by the tram cam so no bad idea,” Tony told Jeremy.

“Well, I would get more powers and abilities before we fight,” Zack mentioned.

“Yeah, you are right Zack. I think that would help us out the most besides getting better at dueling.”  Chase told Zack.

“Have you got any new powers, Giovanni? I know the others have.” Josh asks Giovanni.

“I have got one special move so to say. It's like having a gun hand so I can go pew with my hands.” Giovanni replied.

“Well, at least it something useful. Anyway, let’s eat.” Zack responded.

They continue to eat and then they spend some time alone. The others did other none important things. Below is the new attack that team green totem 03 has gained. They also gain these abilities.

Power cool down boost:
 cool down is decreased by 1 second.

Feet to yard plus: all range attacks that use feet are converted to yards like 15 feet will be15 yards also add 20 yards to all range attacks

Yuri: Torment hammer: make a dark blue hammer that is 7 feet long and deals blunt damage and has a 40% to inflict fear. Medium damage

Rancho: Legion ray: can go through 2 enemies and can travel 200 feet. Medium damage.

Gaia: Earth tri- flying: fire three 5 feet tall, 3 ft wide pieces of earth at the enemy dealing medium damage and can travel 200 feet.

Daniel:  Catastrophe sphere: fire a dark and white orb sphere at an enemy and when it hits it makes a small 2 feet explosions. Travels 125 feet and deals medium damage as well as explosions.

Edward: Dia: a light heal on one ally target. Works as long as you can see them no range limit because of it.

Saddie: Spirit thunder bolt: deals medium damage by laughing a thunder bolt that deals 10% more damage to those who has more health. 400ft distance.

Giovanni: Null hand gun: fires a null single ray like shot from his hand going as far as 120 feet.  Null negates one defense buff.  Does medium damage up close but less damage after 60ft.

David:  rail time dodge: when getting a single hit you rewind the time when the attack was launch so you have the chance to dodge.

Cameron:  Star wave: Fire a star looking wave in a 5 feet radius that do low-medium damage and knocks them back 1 feet.

I am not good or bad but I am in between.  I am not one side I listen to both and there is always two sides to each story.  Just got to open up and not be stupid while listing.