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Things have been quite calm as of lately, due to summer, vacations and everyone simply being away from their computers and simply spending some quality time with their friends before schools kicks off again - for some, it already kicked off.

I want to talk a bit about our community, Duel Academy, and clarify some main points along the way.

When talking about history, we talk about an online gaming community that has been through a lot, and seen a lot. Since the days of KCVDS, BC/KC and DuelingNetwork, all the way up to YGOPro and DuelingLinks and all the modern platforms. We indeed have seen it all. Throughout our 10 years of being on the internet, we always tend to suffer some ups and downs, i mean let us face it: most of our users who joined this forum back when they were 15 (like myself) are now 25 and some barely have time to check their emails.

YGO is at a state at the moment where playing online isn't as much interesting for older players, they just prefer to play in real life or simply play a game that is more fun. You see, we are cool with DA having its own ups and downs, it's all part of the bargain of being a free online community. People come and people go, we cannot do much about it.

That being said, I heard rumors that some people saying DA is shutting down and that kind of things we tend to hear on regular bases now: I wanted to assure you that regardless of what we go through, who decides to stay and who decides to leave, Duel Academy will remain online for as long as there are people logging in to this board everyday.

We plan on a couple of new things to boost things around here once the new skin is over. I ask you to have faith in what we do for this community.

That's all. Cheers. bounce

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Amen and remember the members of DA is what makes DA - so post more frequently guys don't be shy and after all this is all for fun, make sure you enjoy your time here!

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I am shy though.

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