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Yugioh wars chapter 19 section one

on Fri Sep 08, 2017 4:30 pm

feedback is nice. let me know if your liking it more or less. 

Yugioh wars chapter 19

Day 46

After hours of training, sweet and none combat training they are having a duel training to improve their dueling skills. People are dueling and there are monsters like Trishula, Dragon of the ice barrier, Dante, Traveler of the burning abyss,  Shooting quasar dragon , a D/D/D Oblivion king abyss Ragnarok as well as other monsters.

Saddie is sitting down with Zelene and they are talking. They have not been called to duel yet. That is how you get a duel for training by getting called.

“Mmm, I wonder how Immortals can use powers they do not have the Protics help?” Saddie questioned.
“They have spirit cards just like us. Malk help them with it and now they can use it and now they have a faster way of doing it.” Zelene responded.

“Ah. Cheeky bastards.” Saddie said and then Zelene chuckles.

“I don’t know why but that reminds me of when they allowed people with borderline autism. That is just stupid war is not so good for me and for us. At least they can do normal things. Letting 17 years in as well if their birthday is close by as well *Chuckles*” Zelene said while smiling because of how stupid it is to her.

“Oh…that how you feel okay.” Saddie said in a down voice but Zelene did not notice the tone.

“Oh umm how many duels have you done today?” Saddie asks in a more of an upper tone.

“Oh three duels which was not that hard.*She yawns a bit* A real bore to be honest.*puts her left hand under her chin* I swear those test duels are not that great because those 3 where easy like.  Something needs to be done about it. Rather it takes longer to get better soldiers then fast soldiers but is not as good.” Zelene said told Saddie.

“Oh, still no improvement…well, shit that bad. Oh, I have two duels so far that I won.” Saddie responded.

“Yes nothing at all and that good. Everyone is going to get to duel today well no everyone if you know what I mean.”Zelene told Saddie and after the first sentence she talks in a sight sort of tone.

“What is there a bag egg here?” Saddie asks.

“I will give you hint and I have tried to get him to duel. Well here the hint. His sprit card is a trap card. Yes I know this is not the card.” Zelene replied and she showed her a solemn strike in here hand.

“Oh… it because he…different because his is a trap and he uses a card that… people don’t like to go up against?” Saddie ask in a questionable voice.

“Yes on the first one not the real issue because most can care less but the second one yes.  David has Skill drain to I saw him use it but it not his spirit card and that why they do not like him dueling because of that.  Those are not the only two. Others that have stun decks are not dueling as well. I overheard the people handling the training so that what I know.” Zelene explained.
“That sucks. Isn’t someone going to do it?” Saddie asks.

“Don’t know if we can do anything. Have to see if any of the other higher ups do it.” Zelene said.
Some people ran in the background and people are still dueling.

“Edward Enigma and Josh Goodwing please come to duel field 06 for duel training.” Someone shouted 3 times. Both of them rush to the duel field. They were set on different field for they will be dueling each other.

I am not good or bad but I am in between.  I am not one side I listen to both and there is always two sides to each story.  Just got to open up and not be stupid while listing.
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