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Hi everyone. It's a pleasure to be here. My name is Smokey. I'm not a great duelist, but in the past i was good enough to hold my own against some of the best. While this is my first time applying to this Duel Academy, I'm not a stranger to the Academy scene as a whole Back in the range of 2009-2011 i was Dark Armed Dragon Academy's Strongest Slifer Duelist and Even fought my way to Ra Yellow Dorm before i sorta.. fell off the grid. Back then i was known by many as the Werewolf Duelist, The Gambler Werewolf, The Fuzzball Duelist. Mainly because when i entered a Duel i always had a habit of greeting my opponents with a friendly HOOOOOOOOWWWWWL!! 

A Little Background on me:

  • Starting playing Yu-Gi-Oh Casually in 2004
  • Picked up the game a little more Seriously in 2008
  • Went to my First tournament in march of 2009
  • Applied to Dark Armed Dragon Academy around August 2009
  • May 2010: Started learning pro dueling Tactics under the teachings of my Trainer, Kiryu111
  • July 2011: Slowly fell out of dueling, mainly due to IRL concerns
  • August 2015: Picked up a deck again, But under a casual nature

I'm wanting to get back into the swing of things as far as getting better as Yu-Gi-Oh again. I figured an Academy would be the best place for me to get back into the game and learns whats what. 

     As Far as my dueling Style goes. I'm a "Pick your Poison" kind of guy. E-Heroes(Classic), Dragons, Synchros Warriors, Gladiator Beast, Blackwings(Classic) and (to a lesser extent)D-Heroes Are usually my preferred Deck Types, but Recently I've been growing fond of the Performapal, Fluffal, and Dinomist Archtypes. Although I'm a little ashamed to admit that some of the newer rules are lost on me... heheh.. 

    My Main goal While I'm here is to surpass where i was back in Dark Armed Dragon Academy, while making some good friends and maybe some good rivals, all while learning some new tricks while im at it. =^_^= So bear with me while I go through this journey and I hope that we can get along while I'm here. 

PS: If anyone knows of a good dueling Sim i could pick up that isn't YGO Pro or DevPro(both have given me problems in the past) Please let me know since Dueling Network is no longer a thing. 

PSS Yes I am a furry. No that was never EVER the cause of my nicknames back in DAD Academy. Just wanna dispel that thought now. lol I joined the fandom back in 2012. but never really attributed it to my Dueling.

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Welcome dude! You will find Link rules a little bit oppressive for your old school decks , especially synchron warriors, since you cannot have more than one extra deck monster, unless you are playing Link monsters. Take a look around our website and let us know if something is too confusing! About the dueling Sim, unfortunately only YGO Pro works with Links and the new field that it created. I recommend playing and testing on Dueling Book, but if you are not confident in your rulings and fear that somebody will ruleshark you, get YGO pro.Hope you have a great time here !

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Welcome, my Charmers and I look forward to dueling you.

My Alters and Weatherys, do as well.

Previous Charecters :
Getcha Game On~ Ghost_13

Alisae Hosted Madness :

@Linda-Senpai wrote:
God  damn Tric is better than I thought! He's going for a skip day D: if he gets the others to go along with it, I'm utterly fucked. Though in that case, I guess we'll just have to use the Strongman modifier to kill faervel, claim I targeted faer but Mafia saw it coming and killed him, then say I checked how many uses Light has of his ability and say zero (assuming he were to not kill me or you. He's probably going to kill you then get me lynched). I think we lose if Tric's skip day plan goes through lol.

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Now these are two names I haven't heard in a while, Dark Armed Dragon Academy and kiryu111. Though I don't remember yours x)

Glad you decided to choose our academy. You may notice that the academy scene has changed since your last visit. In the past people would spend more time on the actual forum and academies instead of dueling, now its just dueling in a nutshell. I would recommend you join our DISCORD channel and get into contact with our users. They're mostly online there.

If you have a question or need anything let me know. ~Cheers

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@WondeRy I appreciate the heads up. And Thanks for the information about YGO Pro 2. It runs a lot smoother then the original. Although the new rules are confusing as heck since i can only have one extra deck monster one the field at a time. I'm going to have to look into it some more. 

@Anzo Heh. While i was one of the best Slifer duelist, I wasn't very popular since i tended to stay to myself a lot. And at the time i was going under a different name. Although at the moment the name escapes me. lol The nicknames were more or less a formality. Thanks for the warm welcome though.

@TricMagic. I would assume that Charmers are a form of Archtype that just recently came out. I'm not very familiar with some of the newer archtypes, but i look forward to facing them nonetheless. A great duelist doesnt shy away from a challenge!

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so many furries on DA

but welcome anyways

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charmers aren't new, they came out in Lost Millennium, or at least the first ones did.  

Anyway, you get my unoriginal welcome post that I give to everyone, and if you want to duel my *amazing* Celtic guard deck will be waiting

I have... no idea how to play this game... I should have been kicked out a long time ago... but I keep winning

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