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[End] Old Format Tournament Jan2014


description[End] Old Format Tournament Jan2014

First topic message reminder :

Welcome to the Old Format Tournament! This concept won the Tournament Poll and I hope you like it. Old format means that we are going to do a little bit of time travel to the past and play on as if it was... January 2014! That means all cards that are released after January 2014 are not allowed! The rules also are as if it was January 2014 so that means no pendulum summoning (well there are no pendulum cards out) and no Link summoning(same thing). You can spam extra deck monsters to your heart's content!

Format for this tournament is :

Swiss , number of rounds depending on the number of contenders.

Match Duels on the January  TCG banlist which you can find here BANLIST

All TCG released cards till January 2014 are allowed including January 2014 (which means the last set allowed is Legacy of the Valiant). REFERENCE

Any platform is allowed. You have to send me a deck list so that I can check if it is legal!

Disconnecting and cheating

Click :

If you or your opponent disconnect from a duel because of internet connection or PC problem, the game will be -> replayed if the game was in its first turn and a board advantage was not taken.
 For example - player A and B go to game one but player A's screen freezes after siding. The game is re hosted and the player that lost game one concedes so that both can go to the siding screen.

Example 2 - It is the first turn and player one plays his cards and gains significant board presence with card of demise , search effects and so on, his board consists of 2-3 monsters and 2-3 powerful set spells or traps and passes turn to player B. 
Situation one - player B disconnects or game crashes for him -> game is rehosted. Even if player A had a huge advantage, player B was not even able to play so game state can be reset.
Situation two - player A disconnects -> game is rehosted again because it was just the first turn.
Situation three - the play was made in the middle of the game and player A has game on board, but disconnects - if player A made a screenshot of the gamestate admin (me) will evaluate if he was going to win the game and gives him the win, otherwise player B gets the win. Player B can provide a screenshot of his own to the admin to show that he had an answer to the board. For example player A has a Judgement Dragon on the field and the opponent is at 3000 LP. Player A disconnects but he has the screenshot that the opponent had only one card in hand and 2 set cards that he would have destroyed with JD's effect. Judge says to player B if you have a screenshot of what your set cards were and your card in hand was (to confirm that he had an answer) you can win,otherwise you lose. Player B shows a screenshot with starlight road set or a battle fader in hand -> he wins. He doesnt have a screenshot -> he loses, does have a screenshot but the card in hand is irrelevant and the set cards cannot be displayed - he loses.

If a player is caught in cheating (both by not obeying the rules of the tournament or cheating in game) he will be punished accordingly. A nonintentional cheat (meaning illegal move) that was not detected by both players will not be punished. A non-intentional cheat or a move spotted after the game has concluded does not change the game outcome. For example player A uses soul charge and then special summons bunch of monsters and starts doing his combos. The turn gets so long that both players forget about soul charge's effect and player A goes to battle phase and attacks for game. Player B concedes but after a minute he recalls that player A had used soul charge and he couldn't attack that turn - player A still wins because Player B had conceded.

Sign up:


Time zone:

1.True Killjoy/True Killjoy#9481/EST

2.Minako Sama/Minako#5410/CST

3.IGN: akaFila/Discord: akaFila#2283/Time zone: GMT-5


5.DanelerH (all accounts)/(UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)

6.Lucie/GMT +1 Dublin

7.IGN: DarkAngel/Discord: Dark Angel/Time zone: cet +1

8.Natalia/Discord: @「あなたのクソな母親」#6814 /Time zone: GMT +1 München


  1st Place - 1200 DP and Tournament Stack (3 stacks = promotion)

2nd Place - 600 DP

 3rd Place - 300 DP

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descriptionRe: [End] Old Format Tournament Jan2014

Tournament is over! Not a single one of the 4 that were supposed to play replied here even after the extended deadline! Congrats to the winners, awarding prices.

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