“Okay I will go first. I summon Paladin of Felgrant *level 4 light effect warrior monster. 1700 attack and 300 def.” I will use it effect and equip a level 7 dragon form my hand or deck and I chose Arkbrave Dragon. *Dragon level 7 light dragon effect, 2400 attack and 2000def* I set one card and end my turn. I got my 20 dollars set up.” Josh finishes his turn.
“It m turn I draw.  I active terraforming this allows me to add a field spell card form my deck to my hand. I now active the field spells card Light Barrier *felid spell card and it appears below them* I now summon Arcana force IV- the Emperor * Light level 4 fairy, light effect and 1400 attack and def*. I have to flip a coin since it summons if it heads it gains 500 attack if tails it losses 500 attack. * A coin is toss and it heads* Nice now it at 1900. I now attack Paladin of Felgrant *It is destroyed and Josh life points are at 3800* Nice! Edward said with happiness.
“I active my trap call of the hunted to special summon Arkbrave Dragon in attack position. I got more 20 dollars for you by the way* Josh responded.
“Oh how nice of you well I will just set one card face down and end my turn.” Edward said with a smirk.
“Alright, well now I draw. I place galaxy wizard in defense position *level 4, light, spell caster, effect light, 0 attack and defense 1800*Now Arkbrave Dragon will attack your monster!” Josh launches an attack.
“I got something for you I active Blazing Mirror force. It will destroy your monster but I take 1200 life points of damage then you do since if half of your monster attack. *both take 1200 Edward is at 2800 and Josh is at 2600.*” Edward countered.
“Well I active my spell card Gospel of revival on my main phase two. *normal spell card* I can target one level 7 or 8 dragon type monster form my GY and special summon it and I chose Arkbrave Dragon *it summoned coming out of a dragon looking crystal of it* I end.” Josh says.
“Okay I draw. I active my field spell card light barrier if the results are tails I can take control of what side of the coin that I want when I summon an Arcana monster. I will tribute my monster to summon Arcana Force VIII- the Strength in attack position. * Level 5, light, fair, effect, 1800 attack and defense * When it summoned I have t toss a coin if heads I control one of your monsters if tails you take control of one of mine.  I chose tails and I get your Arkbrave Dragon *it flys to his side of the field.* Well the tides of turned.” Edward said with a smirk
“Yeah well I can survive maybe this turn.” Josh replied.
“I active Reverse reborn basically I target one of my Arcana monsters in my GY and special summon it and it effect will be treated as tails. It okay if Arcana force IV – the emperor is at 900 attacks it fine because now Arkbrave Dragon will attack galaxy wizard. *fires a blue fire ball at it to destroys it* Now I will attack you with if Arcana force IV – the emperor *he fires a laser at josh and josh grunts and he is at 1700* Now my Force VIII- the Strength will attack you directly for game*it attacks Josh with a punch which Josh grunts and is now at -100 life points. Edward wins* Yes umm good game. Edward told josh because he won.
“Yeah… Josh said back then walks away.
“Good duel.” Saddie said.
“Arcana force… I hope your friend only duels the enemy who have a crappy deck because that deck is not that good.”  Astrid was saying before she sat down with them.
“That not nice…what about your deck?” Saddie said with an angry face.
“Humph my Mermails are fine and better than those two decks. One on luck base deck and one on pure offence deck with no defense deck.  Does not seem like a good choice to me.” Astrid replied.
“Is it a pure build?” Saddie asks.
“Nope.” Astrid said.
“Oh see those two over their one of them just active a negation card so I guess it change now. Good.” Zelene said and pointed.
Announcements go on telling everyone who is ever dulling finishing it up it sparing time.  All genius soldiers please report to your restive commanders.
In 5 minutes all of Lavana genies soldiers came to her in the dual area where some sparing is begging held at. We have Zelene squad and Tony as well as Yuri team. There is an forrunner squad with them as well called acid 101.

“Well it is time I get a feel for all your combat skills so I want to run test on all of you. I will test you in team vs. team and one vs. one. No, I do not mean you face against me.  Since I will have you all after we are done in this world and we will be sticking together I should get to know. Follow me.” Lavana told them.

I am not good or bad but I am in between.  I am not one side I listen to both and there is always two sides to each story.  Just got to open up and not be stupid while listing.