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In 5 minutes all of Lavana genies soldiers came to her in the dual area where some sparing is begging held at. We have Zelene squad and Tony as well as Yuri team. There is a forerunner squad with them as well called acid 101.
“Well, it is a time I get a feel for all your combat skills so I want to run the test on all of you. I will test you in team vs. team and one vs. one. No, I do not mean you face against me.  Since I will have you all after we are done in this world and we will be sticking together I should get to know. Follow me.” Lavana told them.
They walk and they end up going outside where they other people train. They see some sort of barrier over where the areas that people are training in. It seems to be begging generated from these 7-foot tall black boxes. Lavana goes and actives them while the others wait. Then she comes back.
“Okay, this is what is going to happen. First, if you want to know what those generators are they are used to help protect the fort but we are okay for now of course and they help generate targets so too say.  As soon as I put the card in. Second, we will start with your accuracy with your weapons. I will have five of you come up. I will give you each an electric stun rifle and pistol. Your job is to hit as many of them as you can. They will be color-coded and your guns will be color-coded as well and you can only get rid of the targets that are of your color. You will be able to tell which your color is. The targets will be like a real person. Get in a line I expect 5 people in each line. After you are done pass the cards to the next person. Now form the lines and I will give you each a card shortly. You can only use one gun per round after wards switch guns.” Lavana explained to them and all of them got into a group.

Lavana got cards out of her pocket and put one into one of the boxes and then that one shot a beam to another one and then that shot a beam back at it. Lavana gave the first fives the cards. She goes to the box then does a countdown with her fingers.  Everyone has a rifle out 3...2...1. The targets pop out and everyone starts shooting. The colors are red, blue, yellow, green, and purple.

They all open fired and was firing for 5 minutes each round. Lavana made them fire every other type of firearms as well to help improve their use of each gun. Some did not do so well with some other guns so they get better with them in case if they need to use them. They did this for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Saren was kind of made things hard for people always pushing them or poking their heads to help make them miss their targets. 
“Okay, now time for hand to hand combat. You may use your powers. No weapons or other items or else you will lose. Now then I want everyone to have at least one go at it.  No grudges okay? Any questions that you would like to ask you should ask now?” Lavana explained and ask.

“Ma’am if we lose people will we reinforce?” Acid member 02 asks.

Everyone has military cameo pants and boots and white shirts.  Two acid team members are white and one is black. Lead has blue eyes and is bold. 02 have brown eyes and have short brown hair and the other one has green eyes and has a military haircut.

“That depends really. Whoever lost the most or if Genesis garrisons get to wipe out they will tend to them first and if we lose too many then we may get restricted to go onto the next planet and if you lose me you all will go elsewhere to other people. Also since you volunteered you can go fight Josh now. Thanks for volunteering.” Lavana said and explained to them.

Him and Josh go on opposite sides and look at each other Josh was in a karate stance and the other one was in a wrestling-like a stance. Lavana took the target practice cards out and puts in a spraining looking card. She went near the barrier on the opposite side of the trainees. The two boxes shot beams at each other again.

“Alright, when you blink red that means you lose.  Don’t worry you really can’t die in this field.*mutters* why don’t use they this at every training base?* goes back to normal voice* Alright, You may begin.” Lavana told them.

Acid 02 runs and jumps in the air then do a thunder dive kick. Josh used photon booster which increases agility, power, speed and reaction time by 5%. He manages do dodge it then Acid 02 fires a thunderbolt from his hand and josh got hit by it and Josh grunted but mange not to fall down. Josh countered with a photon sniper shot at him but he made an energy shield to block it then Josh used a photon grenade which manages to go behind him.

Acid 02 charges but the photon grenade went off sending him toward Josh and damaging him and then josh used an energy blade to slash at him. Then he punches him down on the ground. Josh goes towards him but he uses an energy shockwave and knocks Josh back.

Acid 02 fires thunder wave at Josh but Josh saw that and used energy shield before it was too late to block. Josh responded with a photon sniper shot that took him down when he got close to acid o2 which got up quick then they began to fist fight.

They block attacks and counter-attacks but it was josh that was able to do an uppercut while acid 02 was trying to go for a grapple and then did torso kick then he uses an energy blade and strike him rapidly which made him fall down and he blinks red.
“Match over Josh wins. Next up let’s have Edward vs. Jeremy. I suggest that you should not depend on your passive defense boost to much Lexus.” Lavana said.
Both of them walk inside while the other two leave. Lavana started the countdown 1...2...3 and now it time to fight. Jeremy used mask change which a black mask covered and uncovered his fast quickly. This gives him a 5% speed and attack boost. Edward used Zio (a lighting strike) on Jeremy and hit.
 Jeremy uses hero fire and fires a fire ball at Edward but he evades then he uses energy shot which is a scatter shot which hits Edward then he charges at Edward with a hero’s smite. Edward block with clever which he made a visually small clever to block it then he used an energy punch.
Edward followed up with more punches then Jeremy hero courage which is a 15 feet radius 15% increase for attack and defense. He let himself get hit then he was able to follow up with his own punches to hit Edward.  Jeremy manages to throw in a hero fire spell at him which hit him and knock him down then Edward uses Dia to heal him.

“Shit healing!” Jeremy said in an angry voice.

Edward took that time to get up and use an energy beam on Jeremy and Jeremy feel down. Then he got close to Jeremy.  Jeremy was on the ground so he kicks his feet up to get up and try to kick Edward but Edward got out of the way and he gave Jeremy a cleave to the face to knock him down again. Jeremy was getting up but then Edward used Zio and struck him down again.

“Shit…Edward is aggressive…” Saren commented.

Edward went for an elbow drop on Jeremy while he was still down and it connects.  When Edward broke away Jeremy kick up and then quickly use hero’s fire on Edward then him used hero smite on him than an energy blast. Jeremy grunts during all of this. Then he used mask change again then Edward used Dia on himself again.  His face was red.

After that, he went for his own elbow drop but Edward rolled out of the way. Edward got up then used a leg drop on Jeremy then he used energy punch when doing a diving fist drop.  Followed by a cleave then he waits and then used Zio on him which knocked him down and made him flash red.

“Match is now over. Edward is the winner. Jeremy, I suggest that you do not do a full charge or else you can be countered. Make sure you know how long your buffs can last and if they can stack as well. Next, we will have David vs. acid 101 members 03. Which for some reason only want to call them by name after they are beat for some reason but okay that fine?”

They do have their battle and David won by using his rail time dodge which when getting a single hit you rewind the time when the attack was launch so you have the chance to dodge. He followed up with a train ramming. Acid member 03 got carried away

“David wins and Hassan losses. It is important not to get carried away. Take it from someone who learned it the hard way you do not want to do that.”Lavana said.

“Ma’am sorry to interrupt ma’am but why do our guns do more damage than our powers Ma’am?” David asks quickly.

“Why, because the damage your guns do is set and the spells and energy that you use are not. Would you beat a normal more solid fast than the any of the others, yes the same goes for the immortals as well. I should rephrase that. The damage that you take from gunfire can be reduced depending on your buffs and defense. When it comes to guns arsenal cards get a chance to bypass your defense unless you use defense buffs then it can get reduced. When it comes to normal guns then your defense matters but since we are not using those it does not matter.” Lavana replied.
“Ma’am, why doesn’t the fleet destroy the field generators form orbit and for that matter buildings ma’am?” Cameron asks?

“I am guessing you just thought of these questions. They do not because they are made deep underground and Malk race has access to some of his species technology that he saved they can make the generators and the main one deep underground and the Alliance and the union made it clear that they do not want to bombard the planet to destroy them and we have no idea where they are but if we get the Intel of the hidden passage ways and tunnels which we now know they use tunnels. If we could bombard where they are at and we have no clue how deep they go then yes I am sure the army would do it. So it a lack of Intel is why we have not gotten rid of them basically. We have been trying everything but nothing has turned up so far. A lot of the missions have air support and fleet support so I have no clue why you are asking. Your first mission you had air support. Anymore questions?” Lavana explained and explained.

“Ma’am, what is our battle plan, who is the head team also where your team at right now ma’am?” Acid team leader asks.
“I am waiting on it, team void is they are the only arch troops that I have and the highest rank team that I have and lastly I am Forerunner and I have no team of my own. I lost them during our campaign over here when we were genesis soldiers.  I was the leader and it was my fault that they died. I have been in my current rank for 3 months now and I have been leading teams and team Void was one of my teams that stayed with me all other teams keep getting a switch on me or they died which I did not like at all. They had their reasons for switching them because of my missions. It was weird too.  Well at least all of the dead soldiers that I have commanded did not die because of my mistakes and just by the enemy hand so if you’re worried about I messing up don’t be I have learned many things in my time commanding troops.” Lavana replied.

Speakers go on and it can be heard outside and inside the fort.

“Attention all genesis garrison leaders please come to the war room as soon as possible. Repeat genesis garrison leaders please come to the war room as soon as possible. Thank you.” The A.I on the speaker said.

“Okay, not what I wanted to happen but fine. No more questions I have to go. All of you are getting a dismiss for the day. I do not know how long I am going to take.” Lavana ordered them.

“Ma’am yes Ma’am thank you Ma’am!”  all Lavana soldiers said. Hey left to go inside the fort had some small talk and eat and drink then go to bed and played some Yugioh I mean duel monsters.

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