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It is Built! Built I Say! 2017-116

A letter to @Staxx, and The Adminstrators

Letter of Rules / and Confusion over them :

Rule 1 was:

- The decks have to be made like the decks they are. Example: Don’t make a BEWD deck and stick an Ally Justice Catastor in the extra deck and try to call it an Ally of Justice deck.

I took this to mean that we could not place cards that would stray beyond a decks limits, or strategy. So making a Quick Link Deck, and placing the Scorpions into it as the monsters would not make it a Dark Scorpion Deck. My first duel showed off the Spaceships in a good way, and even with 39: Lightning, I could at least see that as a part of it, with them being Level 4 monsters. But at the end of the day, it did feel like a Spaceship deck. That and some good play. 

My second duel, It just felt like a lose-lose situation, as soon as Grinder Golem came out it was GG. Nothing I could do about it. It certainly did not feel like a Dark Scorpion deck at all. And it feels like any other combination of cards could replace them with no loss to the deck's overall structure.

Rule 2 was:

-Spyrals, Kaijiu, Paleozoics, Lightsworn, Burning Abyss, Spellbook, Infernoids, Shino-, Tricksters, Draco, Invoked or high tier engines cannot be tech'd into your deck. 

This one is in two parts,
The first sentence is self-explanatory. Or at least it should be. The second part is the confusing bit.

What constitutes a High-Tier Engine? Is it Gem-Knight Seraphim, which comes from a single spell and some monsters in your deck? What about Windwitch when the game is against you? Or is it perhaps The Seventh One, which grant's you an instant Chaos Summon when there is room when you draw it?

The answer, seems to fluctuate. Grinder Golem is okay, but the above? Not in the least. Is this because it's a single card, and if so, Why? Grinder grants you two tokens, which are then used to link summon a monster. In this case, Security Dragon. Then you normal summon a monster, and use that to Link Summon Ventriloquists Clare & Lucika. Just like that, you can activate Sercurity Dragon's effect. This is a MP2 combo, but it's a near guarantee, and it doesn't matter when it occurs. It's even worse on the first turn. Grinder Golem can activate as many times as you return it. So let's continue this combo.

2 cards, a Link-2 and Link-1. Grinder Golem(Henceforth known as GG) is Summoned. Two more tokens for you. One token with Ventriloquists Clare & Lucika for another Security Dragon. Return GG and Summon it once more for 2 tokens.

2 cards, both Link-2, and three tokens. Two tokens used with Security for Firewall Dragon in the Extra Zone. Return GG, and another summon of GG.

2 cards, 1 Link-4, and 1 Link-2, and Three Tokens. Here, it's time to go if you have a 2 monsters in your hand. Summon another Firewall, then the other Firewall's effect summons a monster from your hand. Link Summon a monster with an Link pointing to Firewall. current field is Firewall in the ExZ, another Firewall with it's effect ready, and another Link-2 monster. Now Firewall returns GG and the Firewall in the ExZ. Summon GG and use the tokens to summon your last Security Dragon. GG returns, and another two tokens.

Using the the Link-2 you summoned for Firewalls effect, use it with a token to Link Summon a Link-3 to the Middle of the MainZone. Firewall's effect to Summon a monster from your hand.

Now, the end. use that monster, a token, and Security Dragon for your last Firewall, but Summon it to the other side of your Link-3. Return GG, then Summon it for two tokens. Use those tokens well, cause you can summon two Link Spiders for an Extra Link.

Overall, this combo requires you to have 4 monsters in you hand. And this is GG's effect. Certainly High Tier. Sadly, Firewall Dragon is a part of the problem here, and Security Dragon exacerbates the issue. Firewall Dragon can use that Special Summon effect as many times as it happens, and I only used that effect once for each copy here, as well as Clara & Lucika as my Link-1.

As soon as this enters into a deck that can powerfully link up to an Extra Link, GG is going to end up being banned. Especially if a good Link-5 ever comes out.

I tend to base my decks around a theme. If it's a choice between a 1 turn Lockdown or a deck that's fun to play, with many variations, I'll take the Latter any day. The combination of a first turn Spyral Lockdown was painful to me, given that I liked them. And now Spyrals are automatically being banned in some tournaments. Ah well..


Post script,

Quick rundown of my high-tier Deckbuilding kit.(The ones I usually turn to for their period)

Emergency Teleport+Ghost Ogre and Snow Rabbit
The Seventh One
Any of the Mirror Force
Evenly Matched
Fairy Tail Luna
Gold Sarcophagus
Utopia Series
Halfway to Forever
Rank-up Magic: Numeron Force
Rank-up Magic: Astral Force
S0: ZeXaL
Numbe 99: Utopic Dragon
Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy
Hope Woven Spider Shark
Akashic Magician
Security Dragon

Let me know what I'm apparently missing in my KIT..

Ending it here, this is my full deck on Chess Archfiend.

Previous Charecters :
It is Built! Built I Say! Ghost_13

Alisae Hosted Madness :

@Linda-Senpai wrote:
God  damn Tric is better than I thought! He's going for a skip day D: if he gets the others to go along with it, I'm utterly fucked. Though in that case, I guess we'll just have to use the Strongman modifier to kill faervel, claim I targeted faer but Mafia saw it coming and killed him, then say I checked how many uses Light has of his ability and say zero (assuming he were to not kill me or you. He's probably going to kill you then get me lynched). I think we lose if Tric's skip day plan goes through lol.

descriptionIt is Built! Built I Say! EmptyRe: It is Built! Built I Say!

I’m not reading this. You lost both rounds and got eliminated because you made a bad deck. 


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