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Yugioh wars chapter 20

Day 47

It is 2 pm and Lavana’s garrison of Genius soldiers just got done with then done with basic workouts. Everyone is panting and sweating. She managed to get the rooftop to herself and her Garrison for today earlier this morning.   She has them all on the rooftop no ships are coming in today. Lavana is having them stand at attention.

“Before I start talking I just want to make sure, Are any of thirsty?” Lavana waited and gazed at her soldiers for an answer but no one said anything for a while. “Okay, I have our battle plan. Our ships in orbit will Bombard the Super Fort, and take out two of the Forts, Also weaken the rest of the fort. We will be flanking the fort on its left flank, and the main force will go frontal, the second force will go attack the fort right flank. We will have air, and ground armor support. We need to get to the center Fort that is how we will find the generator. Any questions?"

"Yeah, I do have a question." Cameron raised his hand until Lavana saw it then he put it down. "Ma'am, are we sure it in the center Fort, Ma'am?"

"Yes, it is." Lavana looks kind of confused as to why he would ask that. Then she realized why he asked, "We have the original blueprints, Thanks to some of the people going traitor on the dark hand. Any more questions?"

Everyone was quiet and no one said a thing just some heavy and light breathing. Further away a door opened up, and some guys with some gallon water dispensers came over and set them on the ground quickly. The troops were just staring at them. They also brought some black boxes up and set them up.

"Ma'am." He strengths his arms." Your order has been set up for your use ma'am."

Lavana noded and the guys walked away, and the others were just straining at, and some doodled because in truth all of them were thirsty. David slowly was walking to it.

"Well, well  look at this." Lavana giggles a bit and the troops look at Lavana giggling."You guys lied to me, and  I can clearly see that. Thanks for volunteering David for sparing I must say. Go ahead, and drink some water ten-minute break."

After she said that all of them expect the Zelene squad rush over to the water. They just walk normally to the water. While they where drinking water Lavana activated the black boxes to make a  spraining field. After 10 minutes had gone by she had them all gather around her but not in a circle.

"Okay, So David said he would be the first one to spare, so I guess I will pair with you with um hold on?" Lavan scratch her head to wonder who will be good or best suited to fight David. "I know now, You can spar against Nathan."

Both of them shake hand before they went up to go face against each other. They both got into fighting stances. Looks like both Karate stances. They engage in combat.

I am not good or bad but I am in between.  I am not one side I listen to both and there is always two sides to each story.  Just got to open up and not be stupid while listing.