"3...2..1...wallop." everyone just look at Lavana just staring at her. 
 Lavana sighted "Fight duh...Wallop is another word that used for fighting. FIGHT!"

They look back at each other. Nath used Bone rush (make bones appear in front of you as you charge for 5 seconds.) Then David countered with  Train ramming (charge and deal damage to all enemies that get near you while your speed gets increased by 15%). Both hit each other sending each other back, as they both grunt as they hit the ground.

Nathan recovers quickly and uses Bone blast All 3 skull hit David but, then David used rail time dodge ( when getting a single hit you rewind the time when the attack was launch so you have the chance to dodge the attack.) time got back then used an energy shield to take the hits.

David then used Train line shot (fires a blue laser that goes 40yrds).  Nathan then used Skeleton creator (Make a skeleton (max 3 each one makes the recharge last 3 seconds more) that will last for 15 seconds using magic bones that will attack any enemy but can be destroyed by the enemy.)

One of them took the hit, and the other 2 went after David. David's eyes opened up wide when he saw them coming at him. When they got close David used Train steam( deploy hot steam that only damages your enemy), and he was able to damage them but one of them got a punch on David. David got a bit piss off by that. 

Nathan used Bone Rush while David was trying to get up, and hit him, and got hit by it twice.  The Nathan used an energy shockwave which knocks David away, he was close near the edge of the rooftop. Nathan then applied a bone punch( uses the bone to deal extra damage to an enemy). 

David is very made and he used train ramming into him and drove him back. After that David went on top of him then started to punch him Nathan was grunting and tried to guard.  Nathan then used his skeleton creation and made 3 skeletons. During this time David used train steam to kill the skeletons and just in time as well. 

Nathan used an energy shockwave,e and it pushes David back then, Nathan used bone blast. David used an energy shield just in time still gets sent back a bit. David countered with a train rail shot. It was able to hit Nathan.

Nathan goes up then he used Bone charge and then David used Train ramming. The same thing happened and both of them hit and deal each other damage then they both flickered red. Both of the slowly get up, and Lavana came with a healing gun to heal them both.

"both of you it time to relax." Lavana turned herself to her soldiers. She has this dense look in her eyes. "I want you to allot to learn that it good and okay to combo off your powers and abilities. Do not do something that will kill yourself unless, you know that no matter what you're going to die." looks at Nathan and David. "I hope you two learn that as well."

I am not good or bad but I am in between.  I am not one side I listen to both and there is always two sides to each story.  Just got to open up and not be stupid while listing.