After one-hour, of spraining Lavana had them stop for a bit. She had them drink some water. After that, they were done she had them go get their melee weapons.

"Medevil time people," Lavana shouted a bit.  "Now, then only melee combat with powers are allowed. I want to see Saren vs JT fight first. I heard you two got problems, so I thought maybe this will help settle things."

Both go out to sperate themselves form the others.  Saren has a Dark extinction ax ( it can extend feet and the ax can price 8 cm of armor a has a 30% chance to inflict blind.Duell effect: banish one monster on the field then it was a rank/level 4 or lower inflict damage equal to it attack points to your opponent.) JT has Mystical  Axe (can cut through 7 cm of armor,  35% to bypass metal defense.Dual effect: switch all of your opponent's monster in face-down defense position for three turns after the effect.)

"Weapon mirror match much," Ben said with a chuckle and some of the others chuckled at the joke." I keep forgetting that JT has an ax. I guess I should AX him if I keep forgetting." 

Everyone made a compelling voice expect Adara she laughs.

"Really?" Zelene said with an I can't believe it type of face. "How are you this gullible  with humor?"

"Well..." Adara said after she did her last chuckle. "When your in a family that makes puns for humor mostly you grow to love it or hate. I chose to love because it leaned on me."

"Well someone is having fun. People were getting dull around here all quiet." Saren said looking at her and the others. Then he looks at Jt. "I am going to enjoy this."

"Hmph." JT is not assumed. "You think I am scared of you punk." He slams his Ax on the ground.

"Na," Saren replied to JT. "Just stating a fact."

Lavana shouted wallop and now the fight is underway. 

Saren attack JT  with a high downward slash, but JT got out of the way then he goes in for a horizontal slash. Saren is able to block it then he frees one of his hand to uses dark thunder.  Jt trying to avoid but, gets damaged by it somewhat. Saren uses his ability Dark hit teleport (when you hit an enemy you can teleport to hit location it takes no recharge unless you make a shockwave which then it 2 seconds.) He does not making a shockwave to get closer to JT.

Jt swings his Ax but Saren strikes him before that. Jt grunted after the first hit he went for an ax head chop but JT weapon could block it so that what he did. Then he used fire blast before Saren could use dark fire. Jt Uses Flame wheel (throw a good wheel that will go forward dealing damage and burn enemies that get in the way until it hits something. Medium damage. 4 second wait time.)

Saren gets hit by it and it manages to hit by it again. Saren uses dark fire, but JT made an energy shield to block it.  Jt went Saren was able to get up when he goes to make an energy shockwave then JT interfere with it the shockwave with energy shockwave. he was able to because he saw it in time. Jt shield is still up.

Jt hits Saren with the bunt of his weapon. Then he goes for a downward slash. Saren grunts from the damage he took JT.  Jt goes for another strike and then Saren after getting hit and grunting and used dark thunder on  JT then he uses his dark hit teleporter to Jt she took a left and right organizational strikes than an overhand swing to break his shield. On his second attack, He used the dark break to help ingore 5% of the shield defense.

Jt does and uppercuts Saren blocks, then Saren goes for a quick slash to the right but Jt blocks. Jt treys to put Saren weapon to the side he does and goes in for a strike but Saren ax extended one to block it.

"Pff." Saren is thinking. "There goes my surprise."

Saren goes for a stab to the head of his weapon, but Jt blocks it away. Saren then pulls it back to hit Jt and Jt uses a Fire well which pushes Saren back and helps Saren's ax hit jt and both grunt.

Both of their weapons effects than just kick in. JT was blind so he can barely see a thing and Saren mental weakness made him lose focus.

"Damn!" Saren said in his head. "mental weakening that is his weapon effect. Makes the opponent loses focus not only that and,  my magic will be less useful at least he can't see. None comment forms the others. Ah, there I go losing focus well one of the ways to anyway."

Saren made his way to JT. Jt could hardly see anything. He tried to aline his eye site to see if he sees Saren. He caught glimpses of him.

"What the..." JT was thinking. "Where is he? I think I see him. Should I attack? I think he is getting close he would fo hit me by now. I will go on the attack."

Saren used Dark Thunder but he misses then, he uses dark fire but that misses too. Saren gets in melee range of JT. Jt fires a fire blast and it hits Saren.  That did not stop Saren, then Saren Swing to the right to Jt head and JT swings to Saren which his ax would hit his torso. Saren eyes opened wide when he says that and he knew that he messes up. Both hits were delivered then both grunted, and fell down and, both flash red.

"Tie," Lavana shouted.

Both of them where now getting healed up. Jt got up first then Saren did.

"Well, Jt,"Saren spoke to him while heavily breathing. "You have earned some of my respect as a fighter. Don't let that go to your head."

"Respect?" Jt is surprised by what Saren just said. "As long as that helps the team then that fine with me. I think I understand you a bit more"

"A bit more." Saren chuckled. "Well, maybe you do. M'am is that good enough for you ma'am." 

"Yes, that is good," Lavan responded to Saren. "This small amount of respect will be okay for now. Now then to the next fight."

for the next two hours, they do this have fights like  Daniel vs Astrid and Gaia vs Edward. After that, they work on plans and tactics. 

I am not good or bad but I am in between.  I am not one side I listen to both and there is always two sides to each story.  Just got to open up and not be stupid while listing.
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