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Hello Everyone, I'm new here, and figured I'd ask how this all works. Name's J-Starr or Starrboi. Nice to meet you all.

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Welcome pal,
Follow the forum to join tournaments , also join discord and find people to challenge in a duel.
Duels can be friendly or Battle Arena duels from which you will gain elo and if you get enough you'll promote to better dorms. 
This is the Duel Academy Circuit as you can read in my descreption below this post. In addition, you can join many events to
earn titles, fame and also promote to better dorms , depends on the prize our admins choose to give.
Of course you can not duel if you dont feel like it and just post off topic shit.

These links will help you understand better:

1. Duel Academy Guide

2. Duel Academy Circuit
3. Duel Academy Circuit Rankings

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descriptionRe: Starrboi's Entrance

yeah, welcome, those links will help u understand this site better


descriptionRe: Starrboi's Entrance

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