Events for the new year.

 So, due to a lack of activity over the holiday break, I feel like it’s time for some more events. Mostly because they’re more manageable than tourneys. And because Low-Tier Crashed and burned due to my lack of leadership.

 But going off of that, I have two events in the making.

Here's the first one....

Number Hunters

Starting January 5, Number hunters, will essentially just be Duelist Kingdom with a few twists. So rather than starting with 2 star chips, you must have two numbers that you must build a deck around. Also, I can’t stress enough, build a deck around the numbers, not build the numbers based on the deck. Essentially what I mean here, is that you can’t just have a whatever deck with level fours in it and just have your two numbers as a toolbox. There will also be a modified ban list for this, including numbers that I don’t want people to use (this will most likely include every archetypal number), and Xyz hate cards (Numeral Hunter and shit like him). Also, Spoiler alert, all pretty all archetypal numbers will be here, there are a few of exceptions though. In addition to the two starting numbers, you can include up to three other extra deck monsters. Also no two copies of the same number in a deck, and you can’t use a number that someone already used.

 As for the event itself, if you lose a duel your opponent can steal a number from you when you have no numbers left you are disqualified.The first one to the most numbers by the end of the event wins, and earns the title of “Hunter of Numbers”. You can edit your deck to make adjustments if you really feel like using that No. 87 you stole from the one weeb because she is waifu bait. Also, this is MR3 for obvious reasons. I also have some, other ticks. So be prepared for some unexpected surprises in the event.

On to the next one....

                                                                                          Gang Wars

   Following this is the Gang Wars, the aforementioned, but barely ever mentioned event. This event is supposedly going to make teams matter for a bit more. So basically, you challenge people on other teams, and for each win, your team gets a point. At the end of each week, whichever team had the most points by the end of it wins for that weak, and gets tournament stacks. By the end of all, no real big reward will be given for whoever was the best amongst the best. Just a boost for things for a quick moment, note this (as of the moment) is experimental and, thus, subject to either small or possibly major changes.

When U can't Have Photoshap 0_o