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descriptionA Tired Intro

Whats up guys, I am TiredPhawks, or Phawks for short. So I am a returning Duelist and haven't played since GX. I am currently rewatching the series for all of them as of a few days ago and really need to be caught up.

So as a returning "Old timer" I could use advice or a "Yu Gi Oh class" so I can relearn some stuff.
I am open to anything will respond to all and if you are seriouse about helping I'll even talk to you over Discored Voice to Voice or IM.

So please get back to me.

Pleasure to meet all of you. Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep

descriptionRe: A Tired Intro

welcome. hopefully we can help you become a better duelist

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descriptionRe: A Tired Intro

lol wud be a long journey to finish all ygo series heh, gl hf, welcome to DA

Unfortunately, I have 0 YGO knowledge that can help you duel.....anyways, maybe try duel links heh, it seems many ppl play it, especially "old-timers"


descriptionRe: A Tired Intro

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