Hello Everyone,

Effective immediately, I'm opening applications for the following positions:

Tournament Organizer
Dorm Leader (Slifer/Ra)

The following are responsibilities of a Moderator:
-Handle moderation of Duel Academy
-Addition of Duel Points where necessary
-Handle moderation of Duel Academy's Discord
-Other duties as required

Assistants have multiple paths - most notably, these responsibilities will be assigned based on your abilities. Some examples of these are branding/advertising and GFX upgrades, as well as other duties as required.

The following are responsibilities of a Tournament Organizer:
-Handle Tournament Organization in Discord (one every two weeks at minimum)
-Handle one 'signature' Duel Academy event every six months (basically, a large-scale tournament)
-Updating of DPs as necessary

The following are responsibilities of a Dorm Leader:
-Assist the staff in charge of Dorms with promotions
-Make sure that one's Dorm is active by hosting events specifically for the Dorm you are running
-Other duties as required

In order to apply, please send a PM to Jin Kazama including your Discord handle and availability during the week. Additionally, please include any prior staffing experience (anywhere) and what specifically YOU bring to the position you're applying to.


Duel Academy's Administrative Team


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