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descriptionRank Update for May 2018

Ranking Update Effective May 1. 2018

Since Duel Academy reopened, now almost one month ago, we have been hosting daily
tournaments on our Discord, as well as a number of events on our forum. For this period of time, we have been looking closely at the way we implement the ranking system. We have listened to your comments and complaints and analysed how ranks are assigned.

As a result, we are now announcing a number of changes to the ranking system, with regards to the activity in the previous month. The changes are as follows:

- Slifer IV, Ra IV and Obelisk IV have been removed to provide a more accurate
comparison of player skill levels at the current level of activity.

- All users who have completed at least 5 matches will be assigned an appropriate
rank, with regards to the results of their matches.

- Elo brackets have been narrowed in order to better represent the expected
outcome of a match between users of two dorms.

- New users will now be assigned a more appropriate rating until they have
completed their first 5 games, however they will still automatically be placed into
Slifer until these games are completed.

- The ranks of new users will now fluctuate more greatly than those of users who
have participated in a larger number of games. This is to provide a more accurate ranking of players.

We hope these changes will result in a more fair and representative dorm system. Be sure to keep dueling to ensure you get placed into an appropriate dorm!

descriptionRe: Rank Update for May 2018

Great changes Olethros.

descriptionRe: Rank Update for May 2018

A few of us moved up to ra but our names are red still and don't see any dorms now

descriptionRe: Rank Update for May 2018

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