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descriptionFlames of Destruction box is here!

Alright so I am pretty sure that you guys already know this, but for the people that don't play IRL box releases are kind of a mystery so here is the cardlist that we are getting with the newest set "Flames Of Destruction" CLICK

New archetypes are introduced with the set as well as support for various other decks like Trickstars, Altergeists and World Legacy. Share with us which cards you think are going to have the biggest impact on the game and make decks viable or push them to a top tier.

For me the most interesting cards are the "generic staple" cards that come in the set.

"Network trap hole" for example is a new combination of floodgate trap hole and bottomless trap hole that works on monsters summoned from the deck or graveyard and banishes them face-down.

"Red-reboot" is a counter trap that can negate any trap and act like a trap stun till the end of the turn (but allowing your opponent to set a trap from his deck and not destroying the trap that was negated but set it back instead).There is a lot of hype around this card but honestly not that many decks even run traps so it looks like a sidedeck hand-trap that can help you OTK.

"Waking the Dragon" is not a card based on Bruce Lee, it is instead a card that punishes spell/trap removal.When it is destroyed or banished by your opponent you get to summon one card from you Deck or Extra Deck.Obviously there are cards that have restrictions and cannot be summoned by this card but I think that this card can be pretty cool if your opponents sees that you run it he might just not pop your backrow to play around it and then you can sneak a mirror force or something by to gain a huge swing. Also summoning from the Extra Deck includes Pendulums there but also xyz,fusion and synchro monsters that don't specify that they have to be properly summoned from there. For example The Last Warrior from Another Planet .

Last but not least Called By the Grave is a great anti-meta card and it is a COMMON! So everybody can side this to stop nasty decks!

What do you guys think?

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descriptionRe: Flames of Destruction box is here!

I do believe that some of these cards will take play in the current meta, whether you put them in side decks, or main.

Red Reboot is already seeing much play in the current OCG meta. Definitely an interesting card, and I have had the unfortunate pleasure of getting wrecked by it. Sad

descriptionRe: Flames of Destruction box is here!

I watched a few unboxings of the set, & althought it was a teeeensy bit underwhelming with all of the cards that likely won't see play coming from this set, the good cards from this set are like-- REALLLLLLYY good!

I've already done a ton of ranting regarding Yajirovader & the combos that exist now because of both it & "Waking the Dragon", but I really cannot stress enough how high the power ceiling is with it & the existing banlist.

What I love most is that Konami is giving trap cards more power now. The stigma that trap cards are inherently slow or useless will soon see an end if Konami keeps this trend of releasing cards with effects as strong as "Waking the Dragon" or "Infinite Impermanence". Ultimately, I think this set is the best of the MR4 era so far! The cards released are very healthy movements to better the game as it currently is. Cheers & luck to anybody who plans on opening up Flames of Destruction! Razz

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descriptionRe: Flames of Destruction box is here!

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