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descriptionHope for Elementsaber players

J. Brick won 3rd place at a WCQ Regional event in the USA (322 players) among some top contending decks using a very interesting deck indeed. 

He simplifies the initial thoughts of the deck, making less of the big plays, and rather focusing on going straight for perfect amount of damage, just like Elementsabers should. Making the deck purely of combo pieces he's okay with losing he takes advantage of this and uses Pot of Desires so that he may draw into more combo pieces when he's a bit under his damage quota. 

Interesting techs or choices that may be noticed and their explanations:

(1) Mare Mare - Used with "Yazi, Evil of the Yang Zing", this card is used after clearing an opponent's card, allowing you to extend your combos on your turn to help achieve that finisher, while also opening your Extra Deck options. 

(2) Elemental Training - J. Brick shows he's ready in case his opponent makes him go first. By tributing "Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights" after you've used her search effect, you can turn your Isolde into an interruption on the opponent's turn by either special summoning "Elementsaber Lapauila" or "Elementsaber Molehu" to make sure your opponent has a harder time playing out their turn. Also, the card doubles as protection for your "Palace of the Elemental Lords". 

(3) Pot of Desires - Again, as explained before, this card allows the deck to play straight-forward rather than adding a bunch of big plays, causing you to ruin the consistency factor of your deck. Playing multiple copies of all your cards allows you to save at least 1 copy in play which is all you need, and also makes it so you aren't stuck with the given resources that you have in hand, and giving you additional cards to play with. 

(4) Evenly Matched - You might be asking "Why would you play Evenly Matched in a deck that's meant to OTK, especially with a deck that's going to skip your next Battle Phase?!" Well sometimes, if your match-up is tough enough, your opponent will give you such a hard time to the point where conventional methods of removal are not enough. The solution to such a problem? Use "Evenly Matched" because this card forces your opponent to banish their cards themselves, and not for an effect not to mention it's the best form of removal. This card punishes your opponent for overextending and allows you to play out your turn. 

(5) Solemn Strike - Again, showing that he's ready in case his opponent makes him go turn 1, he prepares Solemn Strikes in case his opponent forces him to do so. This card is great for a negate and is hard to chain to, allowing for some clean removal. 

(6) F.A. Dawn Dragster - Another card for going 1st, this card allows you to control your opponent by giving you a practically free negate for any of their Spells/Traps, making it an effectively generic "Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En". Dawn Dragster helps deal with certain problems the deck may face such as "Mirror Force" or prevents your opponent from gaining too much advantage. 

(7) Topologic Trisbaena - A smaller version of "Topologic Bomber Dragon" this card helps to deal with your opponent when their backrow is filled with suspicious looking cards. Use this card when you have enough materials to clear your opponent's defenses and inflict a bit of burn damage to help guarantee your victory that turn. 

(8 ) [Lack of Equip Spells] - This probably has to do with the fact that most Equip Spells that you would normally run for Isolde would require that you ruin the consistency of your deck. This + the fact that Pot of Desires is in the deck make Equip Spells counter-intuitive to how you would want to play the deck. 

(9) [Lack of Kaijus and/or Red Reboots in Side Deck] - This is probably due to the fact that his side deck is already filled with a lot of cards to mitigate your opponent going second. Red Reboot and Kaijus imply your opponent built their peak advantage and they may not be enough, causing them to be obsolete or not enough. 

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descriptionRe: Hope for Elementsaber players

this was a nice read thanks for sharing!!!!! 

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