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descriptionAllergic To Grass?

Bolivar Urriola lands 2nd place at WCQ Panama with Infernoids, but with a method that would normally be deemed underwhelming.

Instead of opting for the usual 60 card builds that you would normally see Infernoid players use, Bolivar uses a 40 card build, making his build more consistent in his own view (while also using some new cards). He has the top to prove it though. Interesting choices explained: 

(1) [40 Card Deck] - Instead of using "That Grass Looks Greener" a card that rewarded players for maxing out on their deck size when played, this build decides not to gamble with that option and tries to be consistent as possible with 40 cards

(2) [Lack of Lightsworns] - In this deck, you don't see him running Lightsworns for their great milling power/potential. Instead he chooses other individualistic mill cards because they decrease the chance of bricking. 

(3) Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair - This card is extremely powerful; combo this card with Infernoid monsters who tribute themselves on your opponent's turn to bring out this boss monster. While being an untargetable body that cannot be tributed by or for your opponent's card, it also has the great power to reduce your opponent's hand resources by 1 card. Being a reusable card to delete your opponent's hand while also being hard to get rid of, this card is pressures your opponent into some hard decisions. 

(4) Lair of Darkness - Use this card to remove your opponent's boss monsters for your own card effects! This card lets you bypass boss monsters such as "Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King", or use it on monsters that are bothering your turn such as "Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon" . The fact this card combos with your Infernoid monsters or cards like "Monster Gate" make it the ultimate form of removal. Not only that, but the card enables for interruption on your opponent's turn in ways you would never think such as combining it with "Infernoid Onuncu" to not only remove 1 of your opponent's monsters before they can respond, but also negating one of their Spell/Trap Cards. 

(5) Elder Entity N'tss - Send this card to the GY using your Fusion Summoned Infernoid Tierra to destroy 1 card your opponent controls, making for a good turn 2 play if you need to remove them. 

(6) Shared Ride - This card acts as a "Maxx 'C'" for deck consistency. The control potential of this card lies in the fact that the meta relies heavily on searching cards and adding them to hand. Use this card to stop them in their tracks or punish them for overextending without consideration for what they thought they considered well enough. Shared Ride is especially good for punishing decks like True Draco, Trickstar, and Pendulum Magicians since they do add cards to hand as a necessity of their combos. 

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descriptionRe: Allergic To Grass?

Ummmm...while the deck itself is not particularly tangent or interesting aside from "Shared Ride" which should be a duh at this point if you're somebody who wants to replace Maxx "C", it's really nice to see somebody not using Pendulum Magician/True Draco/Trickstar/LightswornDinoZombie topping! I always say "good on you!" when I see peepz doing their thing & doing well.

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