I was playing on YGOPRO with a random & I started chitchatting as I usually do with my opponents. I love saying hi; even if they don't respond! Our subject here was actually a kewl d00d & we talked a bit about stuff & things.

He was using Blue-eyes monsters & turn 1 he put out a Blue-eyes Chaos Maxx Dragon, Blue-eyes Chaos Dragon, & a Blue-eyes White Dragon. I started & my immediate reaction to him was "That's a sp00ky setup ya got there d00d" & he was like "Yea lol"

If I had set any of the monsters in my hand, I lost the game, but luckily, I opened up with 3-8 scales & a bunch of "Performapal" monsters that reeeallly like boosting ATK or serving as fodder for the Partanaga I planned on putting in my scale. So all I needed to draw was a card to put Odd-eyes Pendulum Dragon into my hand!

I drew a "Spiral Flame Strike" & I knew that if I didn't do some huge damage that turn, I lost! So I set Partanaga & Unicorn in my scales & pendulum summoned Sorcerer & Odd-eiyzu (hecc)

Before-hand, I had set a face-down so that I could activate Pendulum Sorcerer's effect & I used it to add Cheermole to my hand. So I normal summoned Friendonkey & then special summoned Cheermole. Then I used Partanaga's effect & Cheermole's effect to put Odd-eyes Pendulum Dragon at 5000 ATK

That wasn't enough to win though! So I used Cheermole & Pendulum Sorcerer to make Underclock Taker & activate it's effect to target his Blue-eyes White Dragon to reduce it's ATK by Friendonkey's so that it was at 1400. EVEN THAT WASN'T ENOUGH! But I used the pendulum effect of Unicorn & before I attacked, he said that OTKs were "boring" as if I meant to OTK or as if I even had a choice >:T


~Hallo Hallo, brain of tallow,
Guts are gone, noggin's hollow.
Seeking sweets and marshing mallows,
Watch your back, and your candy sack!~