Ahh, remember ritual Beasts in their prime? Just looping Ulti-Cannahawk? Well, they've surely made a surprise arrival into competing today, and they've asserted their presence at a St. Louis Regional, going 22nd Place.  

This deck goes standard as far as I'm concerned, except for maybe the usage of "Pot of Desires". It seems this guy is prepared to search out all his Ritual Beast pieces with "Ritual Beast Ulti-Cannahawk", then use Desires afterwards to add additional cards to hand, allowing them to extend their backrow and drawing into their interruption, letting them also set up their floodgates. Might I add that the deck interestingly enough uses "Monster Reborn Reborn" where the deck certainly takes advantage of having their cards banished and could most definitely use a special summon from the GY. 

I was never truly dead, but I never did quite get to live.