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Pendulum Monsters


Pendulum Monsters

          Alrighty! Earlier we talked about the brand new “Link Monsters" and the effect they’ve had on the board and the game as a whole. Let’s go back a bit though, to the first type of monster to completely change how the game was played. “Pendulum Monsters”.

          “Pendulum Monsters” came out in 2014 with the release of Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V. These monsters decided they were done with just being monsters, and thus they wanted to also be spell cards! This brought along a new field, (see the last post to see the 2014 field) and a new way to play. “Pendulum Monsters” look mostly like any other monster. They have attack, defense, levels, a name, and a card type on them. Two things changed however, first and foremost, the card color. The cards were no longer all tan, they now were an ombre from tan to blue, symbolizing that these cards were both monsters and spells all in one! The second main change was the introduction of scale numbers on the side of the card, ranging from 0 (Supreme King Arc Zero) to 13! (Supreme King Arc Infinity). These numbers may not seem like anything, but they actually represent the level of monsters you can summon when the “Pendulum Monsters” are activated as spells!

          In order to activate a "Pendulum Monster", you put it in the red or blue “Pendulum Zones” on your field. These zones are currently located on the far left and far right side of your “Spell and Trap Card Zone”. The color of the zone you place it in corresponds to the scale number you use. If it’s in the blue zone, you use the blue number, if it’s in the red zone, you use the red number. "Pendulum Monsters" activated in "Pendulum Zones" cannot conduct battle, and can only be destroyed by cards that target Spell cards. When a "Pendulum Monster" is in the "Pendulum Zone" it gains the "Pendulum Effect", and when it’s in the monster zone it gains the "Monster Effect". "Pendulum Monsters" can also be summoned normally to your "Normal Monster Zone", this summoning works the same way as summoning a "Normal Monster".

          "Pendulum Summoning" is the other mechanic that "Pendulum Monsters" added to Yu-Gi-Oh. In a nutshell, when you have a "Pendulum Monster" in each of your "Pendulum Zones", you can then special summon monsters from your hand or extra deck whose levels are in between the two scales. (If you have a 2 in your blue zone and a 9 in your red zone, you can special summon level 3-8 monsters.) When a "Pendulum Summon" is negated, the entire summon is negated, so before summoning you should always state how many monsters you’re "Pendulum Summoning".

          There are only a few more rules associated with "Pendulum Monsters". When a "Pendulum Monster" is removed from the field while face up, it is placed in the Extra Deck face up (If the summon is negated, the "Pendulum Monster" technically did not hit the field, so it goes straight to the GY.) When "Pendulum Summoning" from the Extra Deck, the new rules still take effect, so the ones summoned from the Extra Deck can only go in your Extra Monster Zone or another Linked zone.

          That’s all there is to know about "Pendulum Monsters"! If you have any more question feel free to PM me or message me on Discord #9798.

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Good read. Straight to the point. I would suggest having the image being smaller, and maybe adding an image of the red and blue zone locations on the board, just so it looks a bit more organized, but information wise, its good!
I love how this written and colored to help readers understand.
Thanks i been wondering what pendulum were all about Sounds like YGO has become to much work since I quit in 2008
sorry for double post but are there any post on those blue monster cards?
You mean Link monsters? Yeah there should be one coming out soon if there is a demand for it.
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