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Look to the Clouds


Look to the Clouds

So while this event is before the banlist, that's just another reason to be amazed by the fact that this deck has topped. Getting into the top 8 is Mekk-Knight Weather Painters at Lubbock, Texas

So in order to explain the techs, I guess I have to explain the deck a bit to all of you; Weather Painters are cards from an archetype revolving around columns, coming out the same set as Mekk-Knights and Magical Musketeers. There is a catch though: their column system revolves around the art pictured around them, making them forced to be placed in specific zones to gain their special effects from their spells/traps. Using the column system, this also helps Mekk-Knights take advantage of their stuff as well, special summoning each other to zones that have 2 or more cards in their columns. 

Now I'll get into the techs with the explanation saying a bit:

(1) The Kaiju Engine - Using the Kaiju engine in Weathery provides more columns and more removal options for things the deck can't normally get over, especially easy to remove with "The Weather Thundery Canvas". Using these monsters will help control even further than already capable. 
(2) Droll & Lock Bird - Use this card with "The Weather Auroral Canvas" to lock your opponent from getting out their searches. With Auroral Canvas, your opponent draws for their turn, then use Droll on the resolution to keep them from adding resources to hand.
(3) Waking the Dragon - This card was previously mentioned in another of my reports; this card can play some heavy mind games on your opponent, causing them to avoid hitting your back-row in the process, otherwise bringing out huge monsters such as "Number 38 Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy" or "Borreload Dragon" or just easily getting out your "The Weather Painter Rainbow". 

I was never truly dead, but I never did quite get to live. 


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