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descriptionQuestion about Timing

I'm a beginner and had a question about "timing".

I use a Fortune Lady deck (only play for fun) and was wondering why does Fortune Lady Light miss timing when the effect of Wonder Wand is used, but doesn't miss timing when used with Spellbook of Knowledge. 


descriptionRe: Question about Timing

don't worry. we all start somewhere.

In regards to Fortune Lady Light's effect, she has to be sent from the field in order to special summon a Fortune Lady from the deck. Note that the card says "When…. …..you can", which means that the effect is optional.

Wonder Wand
This lets you send both the monster and the equip to draw 2. Note the semicolon (;
. :
) in the tekst: this means that the sending is a cost. As the last thing that happened is drawing 2 cards and not the sending of Fortune Lady Light, you won't have her effect, even if it was an effect. 

SB of Knowledge
Similar effect as Wonder Wand, but the most notable change is "and if you do,". This means that both drawing and sending appear to happen simultaniously, and therefore no costs attached to it.
Should you send FLL in this fashion, her effect starts in a new chain.

A bit unrelated, but if the optional "When… ...you can" effects are in SEGOC, and are chosen to resolve last, they'll miss timing as well. But i'm unsure how that works out, so you'll have to ask someone who's surperior to me in rulings about that.

Born to be a gamer. I know some rulings, but that doesn't make me an expert duelist.
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