Im new here I found it by looking at the affiliates on a discord server Im on.

How do tournaments work around here?I already read the rules on the discord,but I do not know when they happen and if they have certain restrictions on them like a custom banlist or exclusion from use of meta decks.

Also how do you move up in rank?I am slifer rn obviously but I must be Ra yellow at least.Is there a test or something in particular?

Things about me:-
I own and use multiple decks.Most are rogue/fun decks but I used to run meta decks till around 2016.After that it became spammy decks like goukis,zoodiacs etc.I cannot remember the compex combos as it is too much for me to take in and theres no place that teaches you these step-by-step in english and gives you some deck guidlines.
I would just need this in the beginning,then Id make my own deck.

I am usually nice but sometimes in a bad mood,thats natural,isnt it?*shrug*
I like to help people with their decks and give advice,I find it fun.

I have watched all Yu-Gi-Oh! arcs completely except for zexal II(trying to complete it right now).I have read the manga completely from DM->Zexal.

I own around 200 real cards irl,none of them being competitive and are all obscure,which is why I just play on ygopro or other simulators.(Yu-gi-oh isnt a thing in my country.The closest you can get to is fakes on really big shops that *everyone* goes to.I got my cards whilst I was living in U.A.E,before moving into Pakistan,though I was born in the latter,so yes,Im asian.)

Im pretty new on forums,I always felt they were outdated once I found them,still,here I am.