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description[DL] Duel Links Clash #1


Welcome to the Duel Academy Duel Links Clash #1!

Basically the rules are simple : 

Swiss Rounds depending on the number of participants and top cut 2/4/8 depending on the number of players.

Match Duels 2 out of 3 no deck swapping during a match.

5 card sidedeck is allowed. No deck-changing during the tournament and you need to submit the main deck and side deck in a screenshot to me or another admin.Don't send the screenshots to this topic,since others will be able to view them.

No card restrictions (playing on the current Duel Links banlist).

Register by replying to this topic with your Discord name and timezone like this:


Time Zone:

Participants so far:
1.EvoWarrior5#0717/Central European GMT +1
2.Staxx Rex Jackrock/-7
3.WondeRy/ET -5

All Matches will grant elo and if we get more than 8 players exclusive cosmetic rewards will be given (GFX).

Good Luck and Have fun, if you have any questions reach me here or on the discord!

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descriptionRe: [DL] Duel Links Clash #1

Central European GMT +1

descriptionRe: [DL] Duel Links Clash #1

Staxx Rex Jackrock

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descriptionRe: [DL] Duel Links Clash #1

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