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descriptionStructure Deck: Freezing Water EmptyStructure Deck: Freezing Water

Structure Deck: Freezing Water SD2

I'm glad to announce the one of the two CCG Structure Decks: Freezing Water!

Wash away your enemies with freezing cold cards such as "Mobius, the Frost Monarch" and "Levia-Dragon Daedalus"!

The Set List:

Abyss WarriorMonster/Effect
Abyssal KingsharkMonster/Effect
Amphibious Bugroth MK-3Monster/Effect
Aqua SpiritMonster/Effect
Big WhaleMonster/Effect
Cyber SharkMonster/Effect
Deep DiverMonster/Effect
Deep SweeperMonster/Effect
Depth SharkMonster/Effect
Double Fin SharkMonster/Effect
Drill BarnacleMonster/Effect
Flip Flop FrogMonster/Effect
Friller RabcaMonster/Effect
Levia-Dragon - DaedalusMonster/Effect
Lost Blue BreakerMonster/Effect
Mermaid KnightMonster/Effect
Mobius the Frost MonarchMonster/Effect
Muscle MedicMonster/Effect
Needle SunfishMonster/Effect
Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-DaedalusMonster/Effect
Poison Draw FrogMonster/Effect
Warrior of AtlantisMonster/Effect
Great WhiteMonster/Normal
A Legendary OceanSpell
Big Wave Small WaveSpell
Creature SwapSpell
Smashing GroundSpell
Steel ShellSpell
Water HazardSpell
Aqua ChorusTrap
Forgotten Temple of the DeepTrap
Gravity BindTrap
Magic CylinderTrap
Raigeki BreakTrap
Sakuretsu ArmorTrap
Spiritual Water Art - AoiTrap
Tornado WallTrap
Mistar BoyMonster/Link

This deck can be bought for 1200 CCG Credits, check the Discord Channel for more info.

descriptionStructure Deck: Freezing Water EmptyRe: Structure Deck: Freezing Water

nice! it would awesome if there was a deck file of the sets.

Structure Deck: Freezing Water ZnPuD9K
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