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Post by Train Heartnet on Mon Oct 25, 2010 12:02 am

Fate/Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works Movie English subbed part 1
Fate/Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works Movie English subbed part 2
Fate/Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works Movie English subbed part 3
Fate/Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works English subbed part 4
Fate/Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works Movie English Subbed part 5
Fate/Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works Movie English Subbed part 6
Fate/Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works Movie English Subbed part 7

This is fan subbed, youtube videos, HQ quality.

STORY - Unlimited Blade Works Route:

Shortly after repelling Lancer, Saber prepares to attack Archer who approaches. However, Shiro uses his Command Spell to negate that action and ends up conversing with Rin. However, no alliance is made at the time. After introducing Shiro to the Holy Grail War rules from Kirei, on the way home, Illyasviel von Einzbern attacks them with her Servant Berserker. Unlike in the Fate route, Archer briefly participates in the battle and his help proves to be vital in driving Berserker away. The next day, Shiro goes to school with Saber, introducing her to Taiga and Sakura.

The next day, when all other students and teachers leave the school, Rin starts her assault towards Shiro, relentlessly pursuing him with the intent to kill him unless he surrenders Saber's Command Spell. Her act is interrupted in the last moments when Rider suddenly appears and attacks one stray student. Shiro and Rin promptly team up to drive Rider away, though Shiro catches a small glimpse of Shinji.

Shiro and Rin then set up a truce and thus begin searching for the possible candidate of Rider's master. In the night, however, Shiro is taken by magic to the Ryūdō Temple, by Caster, who wishes to take away his Command Spell. Archer interrupts and saves Shiro while Saber confronted Assassin. It is at this moment that Shiro starts to get even more irritated by Archer, who has since looked down on his ideals. Archer then attacks Shiro, but is stopped by Saber and Assassin.

In the next day, in every morning, Rin would receive dreams about a hero who was betrayed by his ideals. Rin apologizes to Shiro about Archer's actions, and tells him that she used a Command Spell to order Archer to never attack Shiro. During a strategic planning, Rider activates Blood Fort Andromeda. However, when Shiro and Rin approach her, she is already killed. In horror, Shinji runs off to the Kotomine Church, whereupon Kirei grants him Gilgamesh in place of Rider. In the meantime, Archer and Saber debate on how Rider was killed; while Saber claims she died in honor protecting her Master, Archer claims she was a weakling, once again creating a rift between him and the rest.

With Rider's death, Shiro suspects that there is another Master from the school other than Shinji. At first, he suspects his friend Issei. However, it turns out that the Master is the teacher Soichiro Kuzuki, Master of Caster. When Shiro and Rin attack them in an ambush, Kuzuki surprises them with his innate fighting abilities, enhanced with Caster's enchantment spells, that are able to cripple Saber. In order to be able to discuss about strategies more often, Rin opts to stay at Shiro's house.

The next day, Rin takes Shiro on a date, taking Saber along. But when they get home, they find Caster holding Taiga Fujimura hostage. When Shiro tries to follow her demand, Caster releases Taiga and strikes Saber with the Rule Breaker, transferring Shiro's Command Spells to her. On Saber's urging, Shiro and Rin leave. With his Command Spells gone, Rin declares that she will fight Kuzuki and Caster only with Archer. However, Shiro insists that he has to help and follows them, despite Rin's objections. In the meantime, Saber is tortured by Caster to make Saber completely submit to her. However, Saber's magic resistance proves to be an obstacle for Caster's Command Spell.

Shiro follows and witnesses Rin confronting Kuzuki and Caster in the Kotomine Church, their new base of operation. To her shock, Archer suddenly betrays Rin and attacks her. Shiro saves her, and although she is reluctant, she eventually thanks him and accepts his help again. With Archer gone, both decide to inquire the help of Ilya and Berserker. Unfortunately, they arrive too late as Shinji and Gilgamesh are there first. Gilgamesh makes a short work on Berserker, and rips Ilya's heart out. Both of them go away, leaving Shiro and Rin in despair that their only hope left was crushed, until Lancer suddenly emerges and offers his help, which they agree to.

They go back to the Kotomine Church and Lancer fights against Archer, in which Archer later admits defeat and retreats back to the interior of the church. Meanwhile, Shiro and Rin team up against Kuzuki and Caster, in which it ends with quite a stalemate. Caster tries to turn the table and use the spell to completely dominate Saber and use her against Shiro and Rin. Before she can do that, Archer arrives and attacks Kuzuki, in which Caster protects him and is slain. Archer later proceeds to slay Kuzuki afterwards, and reveals that he was only faking his loyalty to Caster in order to eliminate her, as well as using her Rule Breaker to remove his contract with Rin, allowing him to do what he has planned since the beginning - to kill Shiro. In the wake of this, Rin makes a new contract with Saber, thereby making her Saber's master. In return, however, Archer kidnaps Rin and takes her hostage to the Einzbern Castle, in which Shinji attempts to violate Rin.

The next day, Shiro, Saber and Lancer head off to the Einzbern Castle, whereupon Archer reveals that he is the future Shiro Emiya, the hero who is betrayed by the ideals he fought for, and now he seeks to create a time paradox by killing his past self, also in an act of mercy so that Shiro does not need to see his ideals betray and crush him like they crushed Archer. While Shiro fights, Lancer goes to rescue Rin. Kirei suddenly appears and orders Lancer to kill her. However, Lancer demands that Kirei use his Command Spell for such order, and Kirei does so, ordering Lancer to kill himself. Rin is about to submit to her fate as Kirei approaches to kill her, when suddenly Lancer stabs Kirei from the back using Gaebolg. When Shinji thinks he is free to do whatever he likes to Rin, Lancer gets up one more time and scares him away. After setting Rin free, Lancer activates his Ansuz Rune, burning the room as he perishes.

In the meantime, Shiro fights off with Archer, finally convincing Archer that he does not take the wrong path, as he has no regrets about his decision, no matter how it will bite him later. With that, Archer is defeated. Gilgamesh soon after appears, but he retreats with the arrival of Rin and when the fire caused by Lancer ignites up to the whole castle, crumbling it. Gilgamesh catches up with Shinji and plugs Ilya's heart to him, making him the new incarnation of the Holy Grail.

Shiro, Rin and Saber catch up to Gilgamesh's new hideout, Ryūdō Temple. Rin tries to pull Shinji out of the Holy Grail's embodiment, while Shiro fights against Gilgamesh, and Saber is blocked by Assassin. Shiro is able to take out Gilgamesh by using his own version of Unlimited Blade Works. However, Gilgamesh comes one last time to try and make him the new incarnation of the Holy Grail. Fortunately, Archer, who also appeared to help Rin at the same time, helps Shiro. Rin bids her Servant goodbye, as Archer tells her to take care of his young self, hoping that her care of Shiro will change the future and thus achieve his wish to save Shiro from his ideals. Archer finally shows the genuine smile that Shiro also possesses.

It is noted that, in this route, Shiro and Rin developed feelings to each other, and this scenario displays Rin's tsundere qualities more openly.

The movie is based on the "Unlimited Blade Works route" of the Visual Novel, as the anime which has 24 episodes concentrates on the "Fate route" of the Novel. There are 3 routes: 1st. Fate; 2nd. Unlimited Blade Work; 3rd. Heaven's Feel.

If there are people who have reeded the novel and/or have watched the anime will enjoy this movie a lot, happy watching.

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