Yugioh ZEXAL

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Yugioh ZEXAL

Post by kijanna on Fri Jul 08, 2011 5:41 pm

I think that yugioh zexal is definitely different, but it has a little bit of evey thing. Like having a spirit from the original yugioh, having a school setting like yugioh GX and the futuristic technology from yugioh 5ds.

And the new summon is very simple and easy, it's called exceed summon. All you do is have 2 or more of the same level monsters and summon the exceed monster, they have ranks not levels. So if use 2 level 3 monsters to exceed summon, you will have an exceed monster of rank 3. I think what I like the most it is that the main character Yuma starts off as a complete amateur in the series but he gets better.


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